Who Can join the Association?
You can be part of Alberta’s network for strings! The ASA welcomes string players and enthusiasts of all types, age groups, and professional affiliations. It promotes and advocates for string events and string education in the province. Our members share the idea of working together to enhance opportunities for this generation and the next.

Why Should you join?
Members have access to:
■ an association of string peers
■ articles and updates in our newsletters
■ dedicated social media platforms to promote member events
■ workshops, lectures, and teacher recognition events
■ province-wide reunions and local showcase concerts
■ performance and collaborative opportunities
■ promotional opportunities through advertisement
■ sponsorship, scholarship and sourcing opportunities

Become a Member!

Become an ASA Member!

Click the button to become a member! The ASA manages memberships on JoinIt which processes payments through Stripe. Not sure if you have a current membership, or have questions, or would prefer to use an alternate method of payment, contact

What are Our Membership Rates?
■   $30 | Individual Membership(18+)
■   $15 | Student Membership (17-)
■ $150 | Organization Membership (business or group)

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