Established in 1979, the ALBERTA STRING ASSOCIATION strives to support or develop programs serving a network of string professionals, string students, and string-interested parties who advocate quality string playing and education in the province of Alberta. The ASA publishes a newsletter and manages an online platform, various directories, a lending music and video library. It also facilitates specialized workshops, advocacy and events for the benefit of its province-wide membership. Members are registered with the ASA upon payment of an annual membership fee.

Current Board of Directors

President Frank Ho
Vice-President David Mitchell
Secretary Martina Smazal
Treasurer Viktoria Grynenko
Registrar Renee Perez Rodriguez
Director at Large Ewald Cheung
Director at Large Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska
Director at Large Chris Sandvoss
Past-President Guillaume Tardif
Past-President Allyson Lyne


The Alberta String Association is supported by its members and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. With their support, the Alberta String Association is able to imagine and implement programs that matter to string players in Alberta.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

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