Reneé Pérez,, cell 780-860-7456

Reneé Pérez is a highly motivated and mature classical guitarist graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  He is interested in early music, baroque solo music, and baroque and renaissance chamber music.  His musical interests also include basso continuo with theorbo and archlute.  Reneé has toured Houston in the USA and northern Portugal—specifically the city of Porto and vicinity—as a soloist and chamber musician, and toured, playing the Fasch D minor concerto for lute (guitar) and strings with several string quartets and Venezuelan orchestras belonging to “El Sistema”.  In 2014, he was featured as an emerging solo artist by the Calgary Classical Guitar Society.  Reneé is currently the President of the Edmonton Classical Guitar Society and the also belongs to the board of directors of Alberta String Association. His love for teaching young kids, teenagers and adults has no equal. Renee teaches privately the classical guitar and lute.

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