ASA Special Presentation: A Night with Strings

featuring Allyson Lyne, David Mitchell, Viktoria Grynenko, Ryan M. Hoffman, Renee Perez, and Thomas Mathieu.

A combination of early baroque, classical and contemporary music, accompanied by archlute, classical guitar, and piano.This is a live and online streamed concert by members of the ASA board.

From the Holy Trinity Anglican Church.October 9th at 7:30 pmPlayers include : Allyson Lyne (Past President), David Mitchell (Vicepresident), Viktoria Grynenko (Treasurer), Ryan M. Hoffman (Director at large), Renee Perez (Registar) and Thomas Mathieu (General Member).

The program includes: Lacrima Pavana by Schop, three Nocturnes by Burgmuller, Alfred Schnittke’s The Suite in the Old Style, and other works

To attend and see the performance use this link:

Should you wish to donate to the association, you may use this link:

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