Invitation to join a Baroque ensemble in Edmonton- Lori Klingbeil

I lead a baroque chamber ensemble for amateur musicians. We are mixed instrumental ensemble of strings, woodwinds, and harpsichord, which started in September 2014.
We’re looking to add a few players this year, including violin and viola (especially viola). If you think this might be of interest to any of your students, or others you know, please feel free to pass on my contact information.
There are 2 ensembles, both of which are mainly adult players, although keen youths are welcome.
1) “Intermediate Ensemble” –  around grade 4-6 level Toronto Conservatory
2) “Advanced Ensemble” – around grade 6-8 level Toronto Conservatory
– Rehearsal night is TBA, depending on what works best for players.
– The ensemble is informal and un-conducted; it is about getting together with other players and playing for fun with an emphasis on sight-reading.
– The advanced group will work in more detail on pieces and prepare them for performance at small community events.
Lori Klingbeil, B.Mus (Organ, 1986)

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