Strings for Kids

Jenny Chai ( would like to inform you about an educational event for kids titled “Strings for Kids” that we will be hosting at Harmony Music School’s Central Campus (2614 – 4 Street NW, Calgary, AB), on Saturday, March 14th at 3:00 pm.

It is an admission-free event and our goal is to expose children to music and bring more knowledge of the beautiful sounds of different instruments, in an informal and intimate environment. With so many cuts in arts programming, we see this as an opportunity to step up and do what we can for the community we live in. We enjoy giving back to the community and bringing more of the arts to Calgary!

Harmony Music School strives to provide exceptional instruction that inspires our students to appreciate and achieve excellence in their musical education. This vision has served us well in that we have received the Consumer Choice Award for music lessons in Southern Alberta for the past two years and we have also been awarded the Top Choice award by Calgarians.  We have three locations for music lessons of all ages in Calgary, Alberta.

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